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October 2012

Love Kills: The Assassination of Kurt Cobain

This long awaited and suppressed book is Now Available for Download

This book is more than 500 pages long and displays hundreds of photographs. The first section is free...
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A tribute to Kurt Cobain ... the great poet and lead singer of, Nirvana.

Hank Harrison writes tenderly about the son-in-law he never knew and speculates on Cobain's death and his relationship with Buddhism. The book also weaves in and out of his feverish relationship with his daughter, Courtney Love and how his life with Courtney translated into a profound understanding of Cobain's death.  Unlike other books on Cobain, especially those that insist Cobain killed himself, Harrison argues that the rock star was assassinated, not just murdered, but killed for, envy, monetary greed, and political reasons.

Harrison's strongest emotions come through when he is condemning
heroin and his daughter's long-term addiction to opiates and nicotine, but...
the idea that Cobain's death is tantamount to the death of a political leader is most intriguing.

This is not an exploitative book.
The author, with over forty years in the journalism field, has systematically interviewed
hundreds of witnesses .
This is an important work, not to be dismissed lightly.
The book has been suppressed and Courtney Love and her attorneys
have done everything possible to discredit the author. 
But Harrison's work in prior social studies, such as his internationally accalimed books on the
Grateful Dead and the Haight-Ashbury revolution, supplies a background for Love Kills
. His neo-gonzo academic style is a unique blend of prose and non-fiction.
The book is readable, especially to young, hip and educated audiences. 

Harrison believes Kurt Cobain was murdered, but he also believes that reopening the case will do no good.
He feels that dangerous and powerful people in high places, people far more powerful than his daughter, want this case shut tight and sealed forever.
Even so, the fact remains that Courtney refuses to take a polygraph examination on the subject
of her husband's death and her behavior since he died is suspicious while
Harrison is on record with two top polygraph investigators as non-deceptive.

Hank Harrison believes that whoever murdered Kurt is already paying for their treachery
and will continue to pay for the rest of their lives . Millions of fans have already boycotted Geffen records and Hole's performancesand Hole, as such, is now disbanded.
In a state of permanent exile, the people who took this marvelous poet and troubadour away from us will —
like OJ Simpson, Ira Einhorn and the killer(s) of Jon Benet Ramsey —
walk in the shadows forever.
It is however important to realize that Kurt Cobain did not kill himself and,
to that end, there are dozens of rather telling bits of evidence developed exclusively by the author.

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